Longevity has been offering Personal Training Services in the Eastern Suburbs since 2008. Our team of tertiary qualified staff provide a level of service that is of the highest order. All of our staff hold undergraduate bachelor degrees in health or science fields as well as a Cert.IV in Fitness.

Our sessions are one hour duration and include warm-up techniques, stretching/mobility assessment, cardiovascular training, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, strength training, power training, muscular endurance training, complete body composition assessment, cool down. You receive regular phone and email support including regular contact with allied health professionals. You are provided with guidance external to your sessions in the form of programming and co-consulting.

All of our regular clients have access to a range of member discounts from our strategic partners in physiotherapy, dietetics, sports nutrition, podiatry, running shoes, massage, chiropractic and osteopathic treatment.

“We cannot teach people anything; only help them discover it within themselves” – Galileo Galilei.

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