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We are all the sum of our experiences and here is the story of Jarrat Wood and Longevity PT:

Jarrat Wood grew up in Gunnedah in rural NSW and his burgeoning athletic and triathlon career was cut short when he was diagnosed with a heart condition (supra-ventricular tachycardia) in 1998.

It was the lesson of a lifetime as he experienced multiple episodes of a racing heart rate requiring hospitalisation and was unable to exercise for the best part of 3 years. To be stripped of your greatest passion is a difficult blow but one which would develop a new passion: one to understand the human body and to pursue health and fitness with a new perspective and with a greater understanding of the difficulties one faces when confronted by a chronic health condition.

Fortunately, the condition was remedied surgically in 2001 and Jarrat was able to return slowly to an active and competitive sporting lifestyle.

During this time Jarrat put on approximately 15kgs, reconfigured all aspects of his future: athletic; study; and career. It was a tremendous lesson in not giving up. It inspired his studies in Exercise Physiology at UNSW and ignited the vision for a business in the fitness industry that would prioritise health, not just fitness. That is why at Longevity: HEALTH COMES FIRST.

Prior to the heart condition, he had run a 51mins 15sec PB for the City2Surf at 16, placed 3rd in CHS athletics for the 800m and in the top 10 for his age in NSW All Schools for sprint distance triathlon.

After the surgery, he was able to represent his club, region and State in Touch Football. He has won multiple athletics Gifts ranging from 300m to 600m, was named NSW Athletic League Athlete of the Year in 2013 and achieved a half marathon PB in his maiden race over the distance in 2016 of 1hr 26mins.

He didn’t give up and neither should you. Longevity is structured to support you in a way that treats you like a unique individual and comes from a place that cares and supports you. We prescribe exercise specifically for you. Bespoke exercise prescription because we want you to be healthy. Forever.

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“Live each day like it’s your FIRST!” – Longevity