Belinda and I had chatted during the year about working together and after a consult and a couple of phone conversations we set sail on the 25th November for an onslaught of training prior to Christmas. We first chatted about taking the big steps necessary to make the kinds of permanent changes that will lead to an effective weight loss plan in September so it wasn’t a simple decision. It took a couple of months. What I quickly learned though, was that Belinda was someone who thinks carefully about decisions but when she decides to go for it, it’s a complete commitment. Exactly the kind of person I love working with.
There were a number of important considerations for Belinda’s weight loss:
1. We needed to establish a nutritional deficit to elicit the weight loss
2. We needed a stable weight loss that was consistent and sustainable. We could then monitor this until we achieve an optimal weight
3. Belinda needed to provide her body with adequate nutrition despite the lack of total kilojoules to enhance recovery and keep energy levels high.
What these 3 points boil down to is this: it is very difficult to lose weight and maintain energy levels and health (immune system function) when undertaking such a weight loss. It is also very difficult for a person who is of a heavy weight to exercise without causing injury or becoming over-trained and overtly fatigued. This is not to mention the psychological stress of undertaking such a change. When you have a young child and work full-time, all the more difficult. I have to say that Belinda was absolutely brilliant in taking my advice and ongoing feedback on board. I provide the ‘homework’ for her sessions away from the gym and she provides me with daily Calorie King reports ( so that I can monitor her nutritional quantity and quality. 
Needless to say, Belinda has managed her weight loss brilliantly and that’s why I believe she has found that losing 10kgs was so easy!
So what’s next? It’s pretty simple: we keep repeating what is already working until we reach an optimal weight. There’s still a very long way to go though and it’s important to be grounded in reality. There will be ups and downs, good days and bad days but the principles won’t change because regular exercise combined with a moderate nutritional deficit (consuming less kilojoules than you burn) will ALWAYS work.
I had to ask Belinda, “if it was so easy, what was the hardest part?”. Her reply: “You know, I hate to say it but it was just getting started”. She then laughed as she always does and we made a joke – something about clichés are clichés for a good reason. She has an infectious laugh and it’s not the only part of Belinda’s personality that is resonating throughout the gym.
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