In 2016 Longevity introduced Exercise Physiology to our services. An Exercise Physiologist is a medical professional Accredited with Exercise and Sport Science Australia. Exercise Physiologists prescribe exercise as medicine for both the treatment and prevention of disease. Exercise Physiology services are available to all members of the public as well as:

  • Dept of Veteran’s Affairs Gold and White Card Holders with a GP referral
  • Enhanced Primary Care Scheme (Medicare) candidates with a GP referral
  • Private Health Fund Members (check with your fund)
  • WorkCover Claimants

“Everything you achieve in life is produced from one entity – your body. It is a gift that is not to be treated with contempt. It should be respected, nurtured and brought to it’s full potential” – Jarrat Wood.

Achieve Your Gym Goals This Summer

At Longevity PT, health comes first. It does not matter who we are working with, your health is our number one priority. No matter what your personal goal is, we’ll be able to establish the best exercise prescription for you.

66kgs (146kgs down to 80kgs)

Michael had a similar story. He started personal training at Longevity with a body mass of 102.3kgs. 13 months later, he managed to lose 20kgs and reach his goal Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25, a body fat percentage of 21.5%, putting him in the normal category for his age and height.

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